Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New challenge...

When talking to Lauren last night, she mentioned a long term project she wanted to work on, and today I thought of a way of encouraging her that also gained me something.

For a while Isolde has lacked clothing from her time period.  I have also been desiring a new late period outfit.  My persona being Roman means pretty much anything is late period for me, and the last thing I made that I would qualify as a "nice" late period dress was my Housebook and that was a year ago.  Right now I'm working on new sleeves for a dress I made three years ago, but I still have very few really nice dresses, and as the kingdom I'm in right now seems to either have camping events or high court events, I've been wearing my three year old dress more frequently than I ever planned.

So, the new challenge is to have Isolde do research into her period, and we'll both make dresses based off her research.  I know, it looks like I'm making her do most of the work, but she'll get both an outfit and documentation out of this challenge.  I get to be sounding board and motivation, and I can do hair research on a specific period, which works for me, as I don't quite have the vested interest in the period, but do like having a focused period for hairstyle work.  I might explore the cosmetics of the time, though I'm still just starting out with cosmetics, we'll see how that works out for me.

The goal is to have inspiration and research mostly decided by the end of January, and start shopping for fabrics in February and March when we get tax moneys back.  The hope is to have the garments done around July for An Tir/West war if I'm still on the west coast, or for Pennsic if I've moved to the east coast.  My husband's job is up in the air right now, so life's a bit uncertain.

We'll get a name for this challenge figured out in the next month or so....

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